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right choice rules and profession success secrets


«...Lots of foreigners came to Russia in order to educate the noble ignoramuses at the beginning of the 19th century. Finally, the supply exceeded the demand. Multiple strict requirements were imposed on future educators. Both dull appearance and age were the main ones. So, a young girl had to be hunchback or outright ugly to get a job. The reason was that pretty young girls were hunting for other people's titles and fortunes. They frolicked heartily in noble families and nests by that time. Some of them even ruined families. For example, Lermontov's parents marriage was destroyed once Michel's mother found his father in the arms of the young Fraulein Cecilia»

«... The Royal Family preferred Englishwomen instead of French governesses. The crowned parents were afraid of trusting the heirs to the nation representatives, which contributed to multiple revolutions and guillotined their rulers. The island ladies reigned in grand ducal nurseries for a century, despite the fact just a few of them were beautiful.

For example, Alexandra Nikolaevna, the youngest daughter’s nanny of Nicholas I, practiced Spartan education methods. She tempered the sickly girl, by taking her for walks regardless of the weather. But this resulted in the transient consumption.

The last imperial couple of the Romanov me t with multiple unscrupulous British Bonns as well, for example, with Miss Yeager. This lady was overly involved in politics. Once she was had active debate with her friend and even forgot about bathing of the Grand Duchess Maria. The five-year-old princess was tired of sitting in the bathtub. That’s why she got out of there and started to run while being naked and wet, along the palace corridors, until running into her own aunt. Then Bonn left that palace and the whole Russia forever»

Interesting mosaic:

*** Diana Spencer's work book contains just one entry - a kindergarten teacher's assistant, i.e. nanny. The future Princess of Wales wiped the children's priests and noses with a great pleasure after completing her studies in Switzerland.

*** «Once Emperor Wilhelm noticed that Victoria-Louise, his eleven-year-old daughter, is engage in studying too much and does not do the housework at all. So, he decided to fire his governess and gave the order to the palace chef to teaches his princess in the culinary arts instead of history and Greek».


«… Teachers with over five years background are prohibited to be witnesses in one European country. They are entitled to be the ones only if having a guarantor, confirming their sanity. I don’t know, whether this fact is really true, but I avoid cooperating with those, having got five and more years background in the current field.

...Avoid hiring your friends and relatives for this job. Since this will result in either quarrel with relatives and friends or you will endure them trying to avoid quarreling, but nevertheless your relationship will deteriorate

... The last nanny dressed up as for a holiday or even as woman of easy virtue. She managed to demonstrate all her clothes, as if she had the whole clothes market. Once she dressed low-waisted jeans and her red lace thong were visible, when my husband had a day off. Then she tried to bend over and pick up a toy or an invisible speck of dust from the floor while turned her back to my husband and spread her legs shoulder-width apart. She succeeded twice. But finally she became unemployed for the third time.

... It’s time to find another nanny, if you had a dream, in which you woke up with a smile and have a great mood, despite your nanny had disappeared from your house»

*** «A wonderful nanny, found through my friends, became a real nightmare of my life».

*** «A nanny, having got a legal education, will always help to divorce and divide tangible property»

*** Mom asks her son in the evening once noticed his torn off button:
- Danya, did you fight on the playground today?
- Yes!
- And who won?
- Nanny.

  1. Clothes do not make the man. Do you want to be said goodbye, before you say hello? Dress for the meeting with the employer as the actress in «My Fair Nanny» TV series, for example tight fitting jeans or dress. A short skirt, a blouse with a neckline, stiletto heels, fishnet tights, scarlet varnish on long and preferably sharp nails will be suitable to fail on the interview as well. The reason will be the appearance and situation inconsistency, which raises doubts about the adequacy, mental abilities and taste of such candidate, but not jealous fear for the men’s moral character in the family. Men drive on the highway past such «nannies» every day, but they hardly slow down.
  2. Smile, you are filmed by a hidden camera. Great nanny will never protest against hidden cameras. She would rather enjoy the fact her professional skills will be seen and appreciated! Because she has got something to be proud of and nothing to hide. She is not going to try on the owner’s outfits, knock over a glass or two of Hennessy from the owner's bar, smack children upside the head and do other disgraceful things. Her behavior will be really impeccable. Viewers just inspire a good nanny - they don't annoy her at all.
  3. Do you have the same one, but without wings? Some parents need a young and cheerful nanny, while others prefer the elderly and knowledgeable. Third ones are sure that a nanny should have her own children, while fourth required higher education and large background in the current field. Don't be discouraged, if you were turned down because you didn't meet a particular family’s needs. Avoid wasting your own and other people's time on such assurances as «I run very fast despite the fact I am pensioner!», «I give birth very quickly despite I am childless now», «I will grow old very quickly despite now I am young», etc. Calmly accept the failure and turn on your mobile phone (which you turned off before the interview), when you go outside to avoid missing a call from new employers. Some of them probably dream of such nanny like you.


«A young woman is looking for a nanny job in Kiev. Do not offer intimacy. I’ll propose it myself».

«A governess for the boys is required. The main duties are to take them to nanny’s house after school!»

«A loviin child, higly-qualifid nanny, seven years in a nursry schol, two hiher education».

Announcement: «A graduate of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography is looking for a job as a nanny or housekeeper in a film director’s or a producer’s family. Hidden cameras are required!»

From «Anti-nanny composite image» chapter.
«Anti-nanny composite image»

«Her hair is always loose. Whether to collect them in a tail or a knot? No, it's not sexy. What if a prince on a white horse suddenly appears in the nursery, but the nanny doesn’t look perfect? She fills her makeup bag with lipsticks and foundations, while going to the trip, but forgets about own toothbrush. Such nannies’ favorite clothing style (depending on age) is either porn-chic, or «are you still alive, my old lady?». Employers and nannies’ relationship with them are the main anti-nanny chat topic with girlfriends, relatives and «friends» on social networks. Anti-nanny will share all her impressions, tell about all the incidents and discuss everything. She will muddle, pour slop and contempt on everyone. How may she avoid despising the owners? They are rich, but she is not, because the world is unfair and fate is a villain. The opposite would be true in a just world. Anti-nanny would be rich, she would travel across foreign resorts, make purchases at Globus Gourmet, fill her wardrobe with designer clothes, while «these bourgeois» would carry out pots for her children, while being her servants».

*Bill Gates probably started to contradict and resist before he spoke. His first word was «noooooo!» He always contradicted his parents, making them so much angry. That’s why they decided to take his son to a psychologist, since they failed to cope themselves. But psychologist just shrugged his shoulders: «Don't waste your time and nerves. Humble yourself, adapt and give in». The psychologist's parents obeyed, as we know. And that was the right desicion.

NOTE FOR EMPLOYER: Nanny candidate’s hidden conflict test.
Nanny candidate’s hidden conflict test.

Even crocodiles are able to smile, a panther may pretend to be an affectionate kitty, when striving to get a plum, i.e. job in our case. Be sure to take a minute for this test, if at the first meeting you were disbelieved by the kindness and meekness vibes of the applicant for the guardian angel role of your treasure.

  1. Ask the candidate to interlace her fingers and notice which finger is on top.
  2. Select any object as a target, and let the woman to focus «aim» at it. Now record which eye she has left open.
  3. Now ask her to cross her arms on her chest («Napoleon pose»). Which hand is on top?
  4. Ask her to clap her hands. Which palm is on top when clapping?

We will avoid overloading your memory with all possible combinations and their decryptions. Just two of them are enough to signal hidden danger.

  1. The left finger is above
  2. The right eye is not closed
  3. The left hand is above
  4. The right palm is above.

Such ladies are striving to get conflicts. She really enjoys them. Such woman is able to conflict without any reason until reaching her goal by any available means, while being deprived of the chance to operate freely. She will seek roundabout ways. Both the main and the secondary parties of the conflict are equally important for her. I.e. she needs the full enemy surrender. But sometimes she may imitate the concessions, but her real position remains unchanged.

Quarrels are her vital energy source. They tone her up, but do not oppress. She is secretive and doesn’t look for advice. But she will give such advices to other people with a secret pleasure, deliberately unacceptable in most cases.

  1. The left finger is above
  2. Right eye is opened
  3. The left hand is above.
  4. Top left palm is above.

Such person is internally aggressive. She tends to constantly look for a conflict. She doesn’t strive to be guided by essential points. The conflictness is masked with external softness. She is consistent while achieving own goals. She chooses some behavior strategy and follows it. She carefully takes it that far. She is not striving to compromise, regardless of own interests. Such nanny shows great flexibility and ingenuity in resolving conflicts from their own positions.


Stubborn persons and rebels, able to swim against the tide, demanding all to be as they wish... They usually become financial, industrial and real empires’ heads. Such people easily manage large corporations and companies, discover America and new continents in art, science, music. John Lennon was the real embodiment of protest from the cradle. He fought with everyone, including his aunt, peers and teachers. He was expelled from both school and kindergarten for his irrepressible rebellion and cockiness. But whether John’s fate could be the same, if he would be a silent angel? Hardly…

* Little Dale Carnegie argued «about all existing under the Milky Way», while being ruffled and prickly. Later he grew up and became a conflict-free communication guru.

* Aristotle Onassis’ parents were the ones, who really suffered! The boy got angry about the little things himself in the event of the slightest encroachment on his freedom. Once he even pinched the teacher, which he was expelled from school for.

* Lord Byron’s unbridled temper was torn out from early childhood. Once his mother scolded him for a soiled new jacket. The boy immediately tore at his jacket with both hands from top to bottom, while silently and defiantly looking into his mother’s face.

* Lev Landau was nicknamed «the opposite boy» for his reinforced concrete tenacity. Once he got really sick when he was forced to measure a temperature. He was even forced to go for a walk. But what a great walk it was! Each time the mother found her son not in the company of her peers, but at the end of a kilometer strip of numbers, written on the sand.

* Winston Churchill make his people angry and upset with his unwillingness to learn. He had an excellent memory, but he learned easily and quickly only if being interested in something. He categorically rejected all, that he did not like. The future prime minister failed to get a matriculation certificate. But this did not prevent him from becoming the first person of the British Empire.